The Vigil of the Doe

by bennybargas

vigil-of-the-doe (3)
We may be involved politically and socially. We may fight for LGBTQ+ rights, awareness, and justice through political action (e.g., grassroots political organizations, protests, monetary contributions to LGBTQ+ allied candidates, etc.) as well through social action (e.g., being involved in our local LGBT+ community, supporting LGBTQ+ organizations and events, living out & proud).
But we feel a need to also do something spiritually.
The Vigil of the Doe is an LGBTQ+ devotional. It aims to serve not only our LGBTQ+ ancestral heroes (e.g., activists) but those who were taken by tragedy and malice (e.g., victims of hate crimes, AIDS epidemic). It also aims serve as means to focus power towards living victims as well as towards social change. It is named after the lone doe that sat at Matthew Shepard’s feet until police arrived.
The Vigil of the Doe is a monthly and yearly ritual aimed towards honoring our heroes, mourning our fallen peers, and powering change. The inaugural ritual is planned for June 28, 2017 and to be held monthly on the 28th of each month.
Find more information at The Vigil of the Doe.