LGBTQ+ Vigil for the Dead & Justice

by bennybargas



Second iteration of the Pride Flag with turquoise stripe representing magick


I’m involved politically and socially. I fight for LGBTQ+ rights, awareness, and justice through political action (e.g., grassroots political organizations, protests, monetary contributions to LGBTQ+ allied candidates, etc.) as well through social action (e.g., being involved in my local LGBT+ community, supporting LGBTQ+ organizations and events, living out & proud).

But I feel a need to also do something spiritually.

I’ve been planning an LGBTQ+ shrine. It would serve not only our LGBTQ+ ancestral heroes (e.g., activists) but those who were taken by tragedy and malice (e.g., victims of hate crimes, AIDS epidemic) but also serve as means to focus power towards living victims as well as towards social change. I would plan a monthly and/or yearly ritual aimed towards honoring our heroes, mourning our fallen peers, and powering change.

But I also wondered if such an effort could be adapted to a larger group on an international scale and indeed if at all others would be interested in such an endeavor. The international group of Witches, Wiccans, and other magically-inclined folks would conduct a ritual at the same time and date at the same regular interval.

I’ve seen other Pagans do similar things as devotionals to particular Gods but I’m not aware of any that are geared towards LGBTQ+ ancestors or change.

So, the questions I submit to you are three:

  • Do you do anything spiritual like this already?
  • What are your general thoughts on such a group effort?
  • Is it something you’d be interested in participating in?