Curses, an Epilogue (Or, Critical Thinking)

by bennybargas

So, here you are. Three weeks ago, some old neighbor lady gave you the stink eye and now your car’s been towed, you lost your keys, you gained 5 lbs, and your bank account is over-drawn. Now, your student loans are in default, you have no means to get to your job, and it’ll cost you at least $50 to get a locksmith to open your door. You’ve been cursed, right?

It’s not impossible. But it is improbable.

The_witch_Circe_poisons_Odysseu's_friendsI think the most important lesson for any witch is one that is often over-looked when discussing metaphysics, especially magic. In fact, I think the lesson is so important that it should be imparted to every student as one of those cherished-few “Laws of the Witch” that people so often teach because it not only has application to the Craft, but to Nature as well. Well, what’s the big, secret lesson? Occham’s Razor: entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem, which translates into English more-or-less as “entities are not to be multiplied beyond necessity”.¹ In short, “the simplest explanation is the most likely.”

Humans are graced and gifted by our intellect yet we are also cursed by it (no pun intended). We are imaginitive and creative (and thankful we are or else we would have never had the thought to create tools or master fire). But this inclination towards fanciful and creative interpretations may fool one’s reason. Keeping the razor in mind will prevent a witch from wasting precious energy and time as well as preventing him from making a fool of himself. Curses, while dangerous and powerful, are less likely to be encountered than the Cruel Mistress we call coincidence.

Rule out the mundane before you assume a neighbor an enemy for supposedly magically poisoning your lawn. Point in case, your old neighbor lady was probably giving you the stink eye because your car is blocking her drive-way and your car was towed because you parked it illegally. And, because your car was towed, you weren’t able to make it to your job or weren’t paying attention to your account and it was over-drawn and, because of all those frustrations, you were extremely frazzled, absent-minded and lost your keys.

Now, if you’re experiencing a calamity for which no possible earthly explanation satisfies the phenomenon you’re experiencing, then just maybe, you might be dealing with some serious mojo.

¹ Newall, Paul. (2009). Ockham’s Razor. The Galilean Library. Retrieved from