Dating Divinity

by bennybargas

An excellent post with great advice on how to start a new relationship with a spirit or divinity.

The Lure of Beauty

Dating Divinity

Let’s say that you’re not God-Bothered, or at least you’re not God-Bothered by a particular deity you’d like to get to know. Generally the “I became a devotee of_____” stories start with epiphanies of a God that the devotee discovers had been there *All Along*. This was the case, when I was sorted out as an Oshun and remembered being stung by a bee in the head in a pumpkin when I was 5. Oshun is associated with pumpkins, the number 5, and honeybees and is “my head” in the vernacular of the system,

There was also the time I tried to celebrate Yemaya with a seaweed bath, but since the seaweed was from Cyprus, I got Aphrodite instead.



Aphrodite, Incredibly *not* Yemaya!


So how do you court a Divinity that you’re unfamiliar with? Who isn’t a part of your actual paradigm?

Slowly, carefully, and thoughtfully. With…

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